Information about the Weimaraner with photos and videos.

Weimaraner history

Weimaraners are a relatively young breed as they are thought to have originated in the late 18th century. They are probably descendants of the Bloodhounds, with which they share some physical features and proclivity towards the hunt.

It was purposefully bred in Germany to contain all of the necessary characteristics of a good hunting dog, great sense of smell and hearing, speed, intelligence and courage needed to confront the large game such as wolves and boars. Its name comes from the Weimar court that sponsored the development of the breed. At first they were preciously rare, only the members of the club devoted to Weimaraner dogs were able to buy one. This was done in order to protect the purity of the breed and its unique qualities.


This rarity made people who owned them quite protective of their dogs, and instead of being raised in kennels alongside with other hunting dogs, they were usually kept closer to people, in the house. This has made them very sociable and accepting of humans. They love children and, indeed, often suffer from separation anxiety when kept without human companionship for longer periods of time. The fact that they were now kept in houses, and their strong devotion and love of humans have made them excellent guard dogs willing to do anything in order to protect their owners and their families.


As the accessibility of big game in Germany decreased, Weimaraners were shifted towards being more bird dogs than big game hunters. They were mostly used for flushing smaller animals. As the Germany was still very protective of this exquisite breed, the first couple of dogs that were brought to America were sterilized, but after Howard Knight brought a pair of dogs from his trip to Germany, this breed started gaining popularity in the USA. He contributed to founding a club dedicated to these dogs and in 1943 the American Kennel Club recognized Weimaraners as a breed.


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